Our Approach to Web Development at i4service has primarily been working with small businesses and entrepreneurs from start-ups to small companies to develop and implement simple to complex web applications. We develop a process to help you produce a high performance custom website.

We do both the design and development, you need one with the other. A site needs to look good and function properly. The colors and imagery need to represent the brand and the interface needs to influence visitors to take a positive action. A thin line between designers and developers are becoming more blurred as more designers are learning to code and more developers are paying close attention to design theory. (This is becoming one of many reasons why design and development are becoming one in the same.) This type of job now includes the title web designer/developer and you only need to work with one or two people to do a complete project from start to finish.

Graphic & Print Design

i4Service has been designing websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs to be up to date with today's world of how business runs. Many small business large or small would like to work with one company to handle all of their design and branding needs so that they build a solid trust foundation they can share there visions. Rather than searching again and again having to rebuild trust to manage, build and update your online presence for your business.

When it comes to designing for how things look from branding to print so that an image is recognized as the business just as much importance as the name itself. Graphics need to follow or even tell a story as a visitor goes looking around on your website so they are drawn in and they will stay and comeback even become a customer. Graphics are part of the content that is the second part to how a page looks and feels.


What marketing means to us at i4service is dedicated to building a web site that makes a positive impact to your business; a web site that is fully functional, effective, and reliable.

Having a site that truly works for you. We achieve this through the large variety of web design and development tools we use as well provide as services and products. We have discovered that these tools are not just for our use we implement them into in your niche. We can calculate the right tools that meets your needs.



i4service creates custom and pre-built video backgrounds to create video ad's and online business commercials to bring life to your website. Video is becoming mainstream online and will continue to grow. Video Creation is an additional service that is offered and isn't part of any web design package. We do provide 3 types of video creation packages to find out more please click here.



i4service provides a variety of products to help improve and manage your website. From premium WordPress plugins & themes, social media tools, seo, video and content writing software, training courses, webinar systems, auto-responders and much more. We use these tools to create our client websites as well offer them independently for those who want to manage their own sites.

Online Monitoring & Security

i4service provides a specialized area related and focused on website security, website statistics, monitoring, tracking, and other analytics and analysis tools related to your online business sites and social media.

Other Services

i4Service has a specialized niche area for individuals and small businesses in the Health & Wellness Industry.

Health & Wellness

Angel of Good Health


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Mobile Websites

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