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Below is a example of what I disuse with customers that are unaware of the terms and technical side of how websites are being looked at. Being able to educate others with information that is important for them to have there website up-to-date with how people search and view you website. Three facts that are important to know I have listed below.

Fact 1: In terms of your online audience share - over 55% of the internet traffic to your web site, now comes from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Fact 2: Google has introduce 'Mobile Readiness Score'. This penalizes websites that don’t work well on cell phones and tablets.

Fact 3: A low score means it will get a low priority in Google’s listing. The inconvenience to view your site from a small screen makes you less visible in the web.

Note: Regardless of how well your website is optimized for Google Search, Google will not show your website in their listing unless your site attain certain 'Mobile Readiness Score'.

Did you realize what your web site quality score is according to Google and How you can resolve this problem for your Website?

Make an appointment with us. So we can help you determine what is needed and necessary for you to be up-to-date with your website online.

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