Social Media sites for business has becoming a giant must have in order to be noticed and to draw in business. Local marketing and advertising is becoming smaller and smaller every year. Finding the right top Social Media sites for your business is key.

1. Facebook leads the way in 2016

2. Instagram the new kid on the block is making a major impact in 2016.

3. LinkedIn steady as always for business.

4. Twitter has been very steady staying in the top 5 the past few years.

5. Google Plus & Pinterest are back and forth from 5th spot to 6th spot for business.

The top 5 are a once a day, or two to three times a day for connecting with your audience and being active no matter what so that when someone does visit your Social Media page they see you are current.



It's a good thing to have a few other Social Media sites that you interact on once a week maybe twice a week or every other day. This helps you reach those who are active and use more to get away from the primary where it tends to get crazy with to much info at times for some.

6. Google Plus for business.

7. Tumblr.

8. BizSugar arrived in 2009 for sharing business news and tips.



Building the right look for your Social Media pages having the right information, the right amount of content and connecting and having them interact on your primary business website or websites depending on if you have more than one site. When your audience visits your website and they see multiple live feeds showing interaction on your Social Media sites it keeps them on your site longer and looking around that leads to contacting your or buying something from or signing up for a newsletter all in all you have a name, and email address that you can contact them directly and start building a customer business relationships.

Customers who are treated well at a personal level they become return customers. Having your Social Media pages match your business and your business website creates balance and unification. Having a Social Media page look different than your business website creates confusion and misleading of who you are. Business identity and branding is a very important part of Social Media marketing.


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